Monday, March 21, 2016


(all images via Marco Proietti)

It is no mystery to anyone that really knows me that anything that glitters, captures and holds my attention. Then it's no surprise that after seeing heels designer Marco Proietti in my feed on Instagram, I started to stalk...I mean "follow."
Clearly, this kind of skill is amazing and would love to watch how each pair is crafted. Perhaps I can make that a "bucket list" thing to do. Oh my, how amazeballs would that be??? YESSSS I'm a big fan AND

Also found more info via Swarovski
"He opened his own design studio in September 2012, launching his first collection in September 2014 at Milan fashion Week. He has since made a name for sky-high creations that push footwear into the arena of wearable art. We were fascinated to know where Proietti gets his ideas from, and it was no surprise when he replied: “They can come from a song, a picture, a scent, or a masterpiece of fine art.” 

Yes, he also designs shoes for those not into "bling bling."  These stilletto pumps are still so haute! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Hope you like the feature and looking to do more. I've come across many fabulous shoes designer on IG and will be sharing with you!

Solefully - M

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