Wednesday, March 23, 2016


At first glance, I thought these heels-in-wedges would be awkward to walk in, thankfully that was not the case because I was determine that they were coming home with me. LOL!! The art of the shoes got my attention, and the color combo kept me laser focused to make sure no other being reached their happy fingers to grab them...well, they may have pulled stubs...kidding of course. Ha!!
Nothing should interfere with a woman and a pair of heels she REALLY needs...I mean wants.  I don't own another pair of shoes that garners more questions/stares and picture snaps like this one. It's no wonder because the inverted cork wedge and slim heel peep-toe bootie is an attention grabber. Now that was a mouth full!
If you're wondering if they're comfortable, they are and have worn them to work and out and about running errands or shopping. Here's another interest pair called "Gazelle". Unfortunately, neither of these are available at Nordstrom. 

Would you dare to wear something this funky? Like food, I don't mind exploring shoes I never, ever thought I'd buy with my own money! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by. XOXO

Solefully - M

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