Saturday, August 5, 2017


When Fashion x Beauty Meet
 Bear Lip loss Chain ~ $40
Eyeshadow Palette ~ $60
How adorbs are these Teddy Bear makeup cases??? I went gaga when I first saw the lip gloss case while perusing the pages of my InStyle mag. I NEED that lip gloss chain in my life! LOL! Seriously, I need it!
These are the makeup brushes. Honestly, this entire collection is just "bearilicious" and I want just because. I was pleasantly surprised by the price point...$26 - $70. I know makeup collectors and gurus will be scooping these up the second they hit the stores. I a game plan if I'm ever going to get my perfectly manicure nails on that Bear Lip Gloss.
 Makeup Brush Set - $68
 Bear Highlighter - $28
 Makeup Brush Set - $23
(Images via Refinery29)

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