Monday, February 29, 2016


DIY: Upcycled My Cole Haan Sunglasses Case
 While waiting for the long anticipated 2016 Oscars to come on, I started cleaning out items to donate. I stumble upon my long lost Cole Haan sunnies empty case and got to think. What if...

This could turn into an amazing quick DIY project!! And so I pulled out my glue gun and VIOLA, my empty case that'd been collecting drawer dust was now a fabulous little clutch. Truth be told, the reason I never threw this case away is the surprise of orange you see when the case is open. The basket woven texture adds richness to the overall look.
What You Need:
Old sunglasses case
Glue gun
Fancy bottle top (used Marc Jacobs perfume top)
You can use a fancy drawer knob (used on a clear clutch)

Are you into upcycling? Cleaning up your unused things can be tedious but can also turn into some FUN projects.

Solefully - M


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