Sunday, February 14, 2016

Red Is In The Air


Of course with today being designated the day to show your love, there's red everywhere. What better way to show MY love than to share my red heels. I own only three pairs! As I've mentioned before, red is one of my favorite colors of which I own very little, in terms of heels and clothing. 

I'd love nothing more than to don a pair of fabulous red heels just because. Who says one needs a special occasion to glam up an outfit. I think red heels can add that extra "thing" we all need on the days our attire is #AllBlackEverything 
I really do feel at times that "I Can Do Anything With The Right Pair of Shoes."

Hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day no matter how you plan to spend it.

Red Bow Sandals (old)
Red Pumps (old)
Shoes Wall Decor - TJMaxx
Clutch - Oliva & Joy

Solefully - M


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