Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blues Clues: Introducing Vince Camuto Signature "Shalona" to My Collection

Feeling blue? Yes, but in a positive manner! It really pays to wait sometimes because the deal at the other end of your patience equals FAB HEELS! Shoes and accessories designer Vince Camuto's had my attention for a very long time. So no surprise that I would've been stalking the "signature" collection. When I spotted "Shalona" I just couldn't justify spending $295.00 so I waited and put on my "wishlist" on various sites. LOL! Yes, I take my shoes/heels shopping pretty seriously.

Whilst strolling about (secretly lurking) in Neiman's Lastcall, I saw it and my eyes grew as big as saucers with joy. They were marked down to $199.00 with an additonal 30% off. I screamed "jackpot" and ran to the register since they were the last pair in the navy. In luxe with the zipper details and the gold VC initials on the bottom. You can find them in other colors at Neiman Last Call
Taking one of my fave quotes from none other than Brian Atwood "the sex is in the heels" and rings true indeed. Ready to take Shaloma out on the town :)


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